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Zapya App Free Download – File Sharing App It is free to download file sharing app helps you sharing data from one platform like Android to other platforms like iOS & Windows and vice-versa. Do you have to use different apps to share files with your friends with your different devices? Are your different file sharing apps difficult to use and also have issues while transferring the files?

Zapya Free Download

If you are facing such problems as described above then, we have an excellent alternative for you for these problems which make you worry while sharing the files with your friends. We are here talking about a great file sharing app called Zapya app.

This app will give you great features and performance in speed. This app is going to be a great innovation in the field of file sharing across multiple devices of the different operating system in the coming future with its popularity.

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Zapya Download:

Zapya app is one among the file sharing app available to you. The app was firstly produced for the people living in China. With its abundant usage and popularity in China the app than was spread to different countries like India, Pakistan, and Myanmar, etc.

The zapya app was designed by three people of Asian origin named Steve Gu, Shaping Change, and Wang Xiao Dong.

The design of the app was made on taking the considerations of small internet connections and poor architecture of internet facilities, and thus you can share data via the zapya app just through creating a hotspot, and you don’t need to use the internet connection or wifi connection to share your files.

You can create a local network on your device and share the file you want to share like apps, music, videos, etc. which is a simple task, isn’t it? When we talk about its popularity on play store, the zapya app has over 450 million installations.

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Zapya Download

You can install the zapya app for your different operating devices which are an amazing thing people like about the zapya app.

Whatever the operating system may be it doesn’t matter to share files between different operating system if you have the zapya app.

Transfer files from your phone to your PC or your PC to your iPad etc. is very easy and convenient. You can share anything on your device to any device via the zapya app even the apps on your device, such a cool feature it provides to its users.

The app is totally free to download from different platforms. It requires no data for sharing the file from one device to another. You can share the files directly via your PC without any cable connection that is a wireless transfer of data.

When you talk about the speed of file transfer, it will be a great experience to you trust me.

The data transfer is so fast through the zapya app that you won’t like using any other app for transferring file, its fast in transferring.

Now for users, the app is available to use in multiple languages. The designers of the app have taken into considerations of languages employed in different countries and for its easy use they made the platform for multiple users.

The app supports the languages which are- English, Russian, Chinese, Thai, Spanish, Arabic, Persian, Portuguese, Italian, Burmese, Indonesian and Vietnamese.

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To share files between two devices it is mandatory for both the devices to have the zapya app installed, the operating system may or may not be the same, and it doesn’t matter. How to use Zapya App see below. 

Transfer of files between two Android operating system:

To share files between two Android operating system

How to use Zapya

  • first of all open the zapya app in your device.
  • After that, you will see a blue button on the screen which will be on the bottom of the screen on the right side.
  • Tap that blue button and a pop-up will be displayed on the screen of both devices.
  • The options available to you will create a group and search or join a group.
  • One person will tap to create a group, and other will tap search and join a group.
  • When the search of the another person gets completed, it can connect with the group the first person has created, and you can share your files smoothly.

Transfer of data from Android to iOS:

To move files between the Android and iOS-:

  • first of all, connect both devices from the same wifi network or hotspot.
  • After ensuring that both the devices are connected via the same network open the zapya app in both the devices.
  • The Android user then has to tap on the menu button available on its screen.
  • When he taps the menu button, there will be option available connect to ios.
  • Select the connect to ios option.
  • Now you have to repeat the procedure for creating the group as we mentioned in the above paragraph.
  • The ios user have to search and join the group and when the ios user enters the group both the devices will be connected to each other, and you can share files with each other.

Zapya for Android is also available here for free.

Transfer of data from Android to PC:

– To move files from your Android to PC

  • First of all open up the zapya app in both the devices.
  • Now in the PC see the username and password in the app.
  • Now the Android user will click on the blue button available on the right side in the bottom of the screen.
  • When the user taps the blue button, two options will be available that are create a group or search and join a group.
  • Tap the search and join group option. When the search begins, you will see the username of the PC tap on that and insert the password required to be filled.
  • Now you will be connected via the PC.
  • The PC username will now be displayed on the top of your main screen of the zapya app.
  • Now you can easily transfer files between the Android and your PC.

Download Zapya for Windows 10, 7, 8.1, & PC/Laptop is also available here.

Transfer files from Android to Apple Mac:

To move files between the Android and Mac

  • First of all, open the zapya app in both the devices.
  • The Android user will see the blue button on its screen at the bottom at the right side.
  • Tap the blue button.
  • When the button is touched, there will appear to pop-ups. One will read create a group, and another will learn search and join the group.
  • Tap on the creates group option.
  • The Mac user will also tap on the blue button available on the screen. Then select the search and join group option.
  • When the search gets completed, choose the username of the Android phone, and as soon as it gets picked both the device gets connected via each other, and now you can share the files between the two devices.

Features of Zapya App:

No data charges- There are no data charges in transferring between two devices with the zapya app. The file may be of any size and any format it doesn’t matter, and it is free totally.

Speed- The zapya app is fast in its transferring speed. The app can transfer any size of the file with a speed of about ten MB per second. This speed is fast and is approx two hundred times faster than the Bluetooth app.

Phone replicate- Now this is truly a great feature of the app. The zapya app helps you to backup your phone logs and pics when you shift from an old phone to the new phone.
Group sharing – You can share files on the zapya app with multiple peoples at once. At once, you can connect via four devices simultaneously and experience the group sharing the feature of the app.

QR codes sharing- One more great feature of the app is that you can share files by making QR codes and the other user can scan your QR code and receive data.

Security– The zapya app allows you to protect your apps and therefore you can hide them in the locker of the app.

Offline chat – The app also provide you with offline talking options when you don’t have internet options available you can use this option.

Multiple languages- For greater convenience for different users from all over the world the designers of the app has provided the app in multiple languages.

The recent update of the zapya app has fixed some reported issues in the app in the earlier versions and enhanced performance.

In the new version of the app that is 4.3.0, you can also share gif animations as well as photos to social media via the Zapya app directly.

These great features and earlier fixes of the issues have enhanced the apps performance and its popularity. You cannot ignore this that this zapya app is one among the best file transferring app in the app market which provides multiple features to you.

And the file transfers are at really great speed, and the most important one is that yo can move the file across various operating platforms and that too very quickly with the simple user interface provided by the app designers.

Hope you have got sufficient information regarding the zapya app. Thank you.

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